Missouri Transfer Plates


Missouri Transfer Plates


There are special requirements that people must know when they buy a new automobile in Missouri. This article reveals all the information about Missouri transfer plates.

More specifically, it discusses whether or not you can transfer them. Also, discover what you need for the general process. For this and much more, start to read the main points mentioned in the article.

Missouri Transfer Plates

MO Transfer Plates From Automobile To Automobile

There is a credit of registration for many kinds of transfers. In some cases, though not always, you are able to transfer the actual tags to the new owner.

Note for the reader: if you have to do a complete change of ownership, the actual license plates cannot be registered in the name of the new owner.

In case you have bought a new car and want to use the preowned plate for the new car, there are some documents that you need to prepare. You are to take them to the license office of MO. Here they are:

  • The first paper is the certificate of title. Or the statement of the origin of the manufacturer. The latter shifts the ownership to the customer.
  • The second record is to show data about the inspection of safety. Do not forget that it must be no older than 60 days.
  • The dealer can present a 90-day-old safety inspection as well. But this happens if he/she is a resident of Missouri and has presented the safety inspection.
  • The latter is to be implemented within 60 days after the deal day. This is possible in case the auto is not more than eleven years old and has a mileage of about 150.000 and not more.
  • The next document is the insurance identity card. It has to be either the original one or a copy. It can also be the electronic version of the original ID.
  • You are also to provide proof of financial responsibility. The latter does not concern the trailers.
    If you live in Jefferson, Franklin, St. Charles, or St. Louis, both in the city and county, you have to provide a document about emissions inspection. It is to be no older than 60days like in the case of the previous ones.

They can require extra paperwork when titling. Be prepared for that as well.


If you have a title that does not belong to the state of MO, you must go to the MO DOR. After that, you must provide some papers.

First of all, provide the tag, then an application for a new one. Other documents are insurance, VIN, odometer proof, and several other ones.

Expenses of Missouri Transfer Plates

There are different types of expenses that you must pay. The first cost relates to the sales tax which makes 4.225%. Besides this, you are to pay the local sales tax of the buyer on the buying cost.

The next fee relates to the title and is $8.50. The second payment will cost you $2. When you change the tags and want to renew your registration, the fees for that will be dependent on taxable horsepower (It also depends on the vehicle’s weight).

They may require some extra fee that refers to the increase of horsepower. Along with all the expenses, you are to pay a $6 fee for the registration processing. You pay $6 for registration that will last a year and $12 for registration lasting for two years.

If you have bought your car from a dealer of another state, you have to bring a document. The latter is to prove the deal. You do this for receiving a tax credit for titles. The latter-mentioned proof may be a copy of the title that the dealer of another state has given to you.

Person To Person

You do not have the right to sell the tags to another person but you are able to give them as a gift. For example, you are able to gift it to someone that is in a close relationship with you. This is about the situations when they are your family members.

Thus, in this case, you give it to them without even selling it. You write “Gift” on the back of the title. Write this in the purchase price place.

For this, you will pay $11. Besides this, you are to pay regular costs and taxes. After you get it as a gift, the administrator or executor is to sign it.