Missouri Vanity Plates


Missouri Vanity Plates


Placards come in a variety of shapes and sizes in Missouri. You may come across the topic of placards if you have recently bought a car or are going to register it.

If you want to know the types, the costs, or check the availability, continue reading the article. It contains all the necessary data on Missouri vanity plates. Let’s start to learn together.

Missouri Vanity Plates


Missouri gives its residents the opportunity to check the availability online. You are able to not only check but also order them online.

How to order Missouri Vanity Plates?

There are certain steps that you must follow to acquire a placard. First, visit the state’s personalized plate web page. Second, see whether or not your prioritized option is available. After these, follow the instructions of the institution to order online.

There is a special MO Personalized License Plate application form. Fill out that form and send your application. Do not forget about the payment. The address is:

Missouri Department Of Revenue
Motor Vehicle Bureau
Jefferson City Mo 65105-0569
Po Box 569

The Duration

After submitting the application, you are to wait some time until the department views it.
The processing and delivery might take up to 6 weeks.

After that, they will ship the license placard to the MO License Office. You are to specify the address of the office that you want them to send during the online registration.

Remember that only owners that are registered are able to order license placards. Besides, they have to be registered to a vehicle that has a MO registration.


Though there are different names to name these tags, the application procedure for them is generally the same. In case you want to apply for one, follow the rules and regulations that the department of transportation provides.

The process is just the same as described above. You must fill out the form, pay the fee. But the expenses, of course, differ from state to state.

According to the rules, you should apply for personalized one 60 days before the expiration date.


If you do not know whether or not you can renew them online, then there is good news for you. Yes, you are able to conduct the process online. Visit the appropriate section of the Department of Revenue web page.

There you find a statement about the required documents and costs. You will see there are two sections demanding your PIN and plate number. Fill in this data and submit.

If you have forgotten or lost your PIN, write a mail and send it to [email protected] email address. In the message, you must provide the owner’s name, the model of the car, the year, VIN, the tag number that you currently have, and the expiration date.

After that, wait for a while and get your PIN. Thus, continue the procedure following further instructions.

Vanity vs Personalized

There is no exact definition of these two terms. The terms are interchangeable. Though there is no exact differentiation between these two, they can be distinguished easily.

The formattings are different. It depends on the institution that deals with transportation. The main difference is the following:

  • A vanity tag includes 1-7 letters.
  • It may have a maximum of 3 numerals only and the personalized tag comprises both numbers and letters.
  • The amount of figures is 8.

As each state has a different policy on issuing a placard, types vary. Each state offers different designs and limitations.

What should I do with my old/expired tags?

If you do not want to use them illegally you must take them to the local office. They destroy and recycle it.

If you have one and want to destroy it, send it to Jefferson City MO 65105-0100 or 301 West High Street – Rm 370.

In case you get a notice for renewing them, ignore it. Regrettably, MO law does not allow for reimbursement of registration payments for tags that have not yet expired.


You are to pay a $15 fee in this state for getting the item. The fee for this does not include the regular costs and the renewal fee.


Like other states, they allow a maximum of 6 characters. These characters do not include a space, dash, or apostrophe. Thus, you are able to use them as well.

You may use a diverse combination of letters from A to Z, and spaces. The same is true of the numbers, which can range from 0 to 9.

Limitations on Missouri Vanity Plates

Various limitations exist that may be the cause of refusal. The Department of Revenue controls the procedure and approves or rejects your applications. If they reject the application, it means that you have used some characters and digits that do not correspond to the regulations.

Thus, if the combination contains some figures that are vulgar or profane, offensive to a group of people, or an ethnic group will be rejected.

The set of combinations that is not decent or present danger to the health or the safety of a person is not a subject of approval.

Note for reader

Get to know the state’s other regulations, as well. For example, if you want to learn how to obtain a Missouri driver’s license, click on the link and read the entire data.