Nevada License Plate Options

Nevada License Plate Options


As you may know, you must have a license plate to be able to drive in any state. But in Nevada, you are lucky as you have a lot of opportunities to choose from. This is because it offers a variety of tags styles such as military, institutions, charities, and so on.

Each of these has its unique requirements and fees that you need to pay. Also, you must complete the application to fulfill all the steps and finally get it. All the information about this you will find in the following article.

Nevada License Plate Options

NV offers many license plate types like military, institutions, and charities, also personalized tags. All this has something common in the ordering process but there are some differences (such as the fees). So, pay attention to them:


This is the most popular type of tag in Nevada, this is also common in other states too. The main reason is that this gives you the chance to be creative.

There are some rules that the plate needs to follow in order to be accepted by the DMV (Motor Vehicle Department). So, it:

  • must have a max of 7 symbols (or 6 symbols if it is for trailer and motorcycle);
  • can’t contain a mix of characters, letters, and digits that:

are a reference to criminal activity (like a culture of gangs or drugs);
contain sexually explicit, profanity, or other vulgar words;
express discrimination against race, ethnicity, religion, or gender;
insult a group or person.

To prevent problems (like your wanted message being taken before ordering it) make sure to check the availability. So, for this, you should use the Custom Plate Search in NV. But remember, although it is available, it still can be rejected.

Here are the costs for these tags. These are also added to the registration and renewal costs.

  • Passenger cars:


  • Motorcycles:


Special Plates in Nevada

This state offers a variety of special tags, such as:

  • Organization and charity
  • The replica
  • The occupational

Below you will find all the info about each of them.


These tags give you the chance to support the colleges, special cases, and also charities.
As usual, the fees for this are also separate from the renewal and registration ones. Also, they depend on the tag type.

Here are the types and charges for them:

  • Children’s Arts:


  • Appreciation of Animal:


In order to get a full list of specialty tags visit the DMV NV website.
In addition, a part of the revenue is donated to the company shown on the mark, or a non-profit or charity company associated with the cause.


Here you also will find the 1982 Circa Replica tag for the light commercial and passenger cars.

The payments for this are:

  • $26 (in addition to fees for the application proces)
  • Ordinary renewal price

For personalized, there is an extra cost.

Organizational and Occupational

The DMV issues tags for some companies and occupations, for instance:

  • Firefighters
  • Press
  • Members of Masonic
  • Operators of Amateur radio

You need to show eligibility proof for these tags (such as job verification).
For further info on accessible occupation and institution marks, go to the Nevada board website.


In NV, military tabs are obtainable for:

  • Military branches
  • Units of military units, like:

Navy Seabees
Army Airborne

  • Military families and decorations, for example:

War Ex-Prisoner
Purple Heart
Family of Gold Star

  • Veterans with disabilities

The prices for the veteran are also added to the renewal and application.
Costs are different depending on the type, such as:

  • Branch:

Initial $60+$0.50 for Industry of Prison

  • Honor Congressional Medal- $7
  • Survivor of Pearl Harbor:

Initial- $26

Antique and Classic Plates

For autos that classify as antique, historic, or classic, a variety of tabs are accessible. But, every single one has its own set of eligibility criteria and prices.

  • For classic car a min of 25-year old but customized:

To order-$36
To renew- $10

  • For Street Rod for the autos that were built before the year 1949:

To request- $36
To renew-$10

  • For Old Timer machines that are 40-year or older:

To request-$36
To renew-$10

Motorcycles as well as other automobiles can also have this. A full list may be found on the board website.

Customized is not available for the antique and the classic ones.