Nevada License Plates



Nevada License Plates


Anyone who wants to operate a vehicle in Nevada has to register it first. The owner has to obtain his driver’s permit and registration within 30 days. You may apply online via the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website. Overall, this agency is in charge of any actions related to driving and licensing. Once the car is registered, one has to get a license plate. Here the drivers have different options since there is a great variety. Remember that getting a permit is a must. Unless you have it, you are likely to get a $1,000 fine.


If you are interested in NV license plates and need some information about them, you come to the right place. We will walk you through the various steps and categories the state offers.

Can a non-resident register a car in Nevada?

All Nevada residents and certain non-residents have to register their cars. Registering for non-residents is a must if you

  • operate a car for over 30 days a year;
  • take your child to a local school;
  • work or do business;
  • any resident is using your automobile.

It is possible to do it online and in person. The second option requires an appointment.

Next, you have to collect the necessary papers listed below:

  • insurance proof
  • application
  • current odometer reading
  • invoice and VIN inspection (if purchased from an out-of-state dealer)
  • emission report (if required)

Generally, the first-time title will cost you $28.25. The fee estimation calculator is also available on the DMV website. You have to enter a county name, VIN, MSRP, type, year of the automobile.

Nevada license plate options

The first is a standard one. However, it looks unusual in contrast to that of other states. In 2016 the local authorities unveiled a new “Home Means Nevada” plate. It features a landscape of canyons, forests, and mountains. The letters and numbers are black.

In addition to $3, the Department also has a 50-cent Prison Industry charge. The reason for this is that inmates have been producing them in the Silver State for over 90 years.

While swapping tags between automobiles, you need

  • 12-month long registration
  • insurance proof
  • smog check

Is Nevada a two-plate state?

Unlike other states, local law requires two plates. They have to be installed on the rare and front parts of the car. The exemption is motorcycles and trailers since they require one.

The front option is possible if:

  • the design implies a front tab
  • there is no add-on bracket or other means

There are some specifications that drivers should take into account. Given that, letters and numbers must be readable at 100 feet during the day and at 110 at night.

Although their life expectancy is 5-10 years, DMV replaces all plates every 8 years.

Note: If the owner wants to sell the car, he can keep the license.

Personalized plates

The initial cost for a classic vehicle is $36. The extra payment for a customized one is $35. There is also an annual fee of $10.

To see the exact requirements for each type, visit the DMV website.

The Department offers to pick a combination of numbers and letters. It’s not possible to use symbols and punctuation marks.

Requests are denied in the following cases:

  • Vulgar, offensive language
  • Reference to drugs
  • Points to racial, ethnic, religious, gender superiority
  • Defamation against a particular person or a group

NV license plate categories

There are around 59 different designs for tags in the state. Each one is additional revenue. A unique tab helps raise funds for causes or organizations.

Find some categories below:

  • Charitable and Collegiate
  • Organizations
  • Firefighters & Peace Officers
  • Veterans & Military
  • Circa 1982 Replica
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Sample and Souvenir

Some of them require an eligibility check. In particular, this refers to military personnel, firefighters, and veterans. You need to present an ID and relevant documents.

It is also possible for charitable groups to be sponsors. They can order souvenir versions for fundraising purposes.

All custom versions can be requested through an online application form. However, you will receive the order no earlier than 8 weeks.