NV DMV Personalized Plates


NV DMV Personalized Plates+Overview


There are a lot of plate types in Nevada but the best one is the NV DMV personalized plate and this is why. It allows you to be creative, unique and send a message to the world. In addition, this will upgrade the car and add a piece of yourself to it. If you are wondering how to get this, here is the answer. The process consists of 3 parts and each of them has some steps that you must complete. Also, this won’t take much time. You can know all this info and even more from this article. So, continue reading.


NV DMV personalized plates allow you to add some creativity and fun to your vehicle. Here you don’t have borders you can use this to be more unique, to send a message to the world, or just be cool.

Nevada allows you to choose both the message and the design. You have a great chance to create a combination that you want and add a piece of yourself to your car. This should be attached to the back and front of it. The ordering process is quite straightforward to complete.

The process has 3 parts and each of them has several steps. Continue reading to know about this and more.

Part 1: Choose your customized plate

Visit the DMV website and choose the design that you want

On the website, find the bottom with “Plate types” signs. Accordingly, find the whole list where you can select the one that you wish and also check if it’s available or not.

As a result, you look via all the choices and finally get the special one that fits you best

Note: Since there are lots of options ranging from simple to extra, the prices vary greatly. So, make sure to look at the cost before making any decision. Usually, you will find it in the sidebar of this list.

The next step is to select the message

On the same page, where you choose the design, click on the search button.

In addition, you may choose the background. Accordingly, follow the guide on the website and you will get to a page where you need to pick a theme.

To try it, enter the desired combination in the corresponding place for the sample. Include spaces, letters, and numbers. However, the amount of symbols depends on the pattern that you prefer.

Warning: Messages that are vulgar, rude, or insulting aren’t permitted. Although it may be acceptable on the website, if the DMV finds your statement unsuitable, your request will be refused.

Check if the message of the plate is available

After you select everything it’s time to check the availability by just clicking “submit”. However, if it is taken, continue trying over and over until you have the one you need.

Part 2: Ordering personalized plates

Complete the application form

After you do all the previous steps, the website will guide you to the page with the application forms. Find the “Application form SP-66” and download it. You can either print it or fill it out on the computer and then print.

Fill out the info about the plate

First, indicate the model of the car, then write the design and statement that you prefer.

In the “1st choice” box, enter the statement you want, to be sure that you won’t be rejected. We recommend also adding second and third choices. In case the first one isn’t available. After that, you must provide the current tag.

Additionally, we recommend explaining the message. The DMV must decide if it is acceptable or not. And the explanation helps in that process.

Provide personal details in the application

You must enter info like name, email, phone, address, and driving license. If the tag is for another person, be sure to provide their name in the form.

Note: You can only get it if you are the legal holder of the machine.

One ready, date and sign the application.

Make all the payments

If you request by mail, then you should do it with an order of money or a check, the ones that the Nevada state accepts.

To send by fax, you must complete the form for the card.

Submit the form to the DMV in Nevada

If you decided to submit it by mail, then you should mail it to this address:


Motor Vehicle Department in Nevada

Wright Way 555

89711-0700 Carson City, Nevada

The fax number is 7756844797.

You can also just drop your paperwork off at the DMV.

Part 3: Installing your NV customized plate

Pick up the number plate

They will be made and shipped to the office. This is the one that you selected on the application once it has been completed and approved. They’ll let you know when it arrives.

Visit the board after you’ve received the notification.


Place them on the back and front sides of the car.

Also, try to install them ASAP after receiving them. In case you need some help with it, get to any mechanic or garage and leave the job to the professionals.

Warning: Attach the stickers of registration on new tags before operating.