NV Vanity Plates

NV Vanity Plates


Want to express yourself and highlight your special taste while driving? A vanity plate could be the reflection of your taste on the public road. If you want to get an NV vanity plate, it is compulsory to firstly register the car.

Additionally, there are certain requirements you need to meet before having the tag attached to the automobile.

Read the article to find comprehensive information about the types of tags, cost, registration procedure, application options, etc.

NV Vanity Plates

Vehicle Registration

To get your desired vanity placard, firstly you have to register the auto. According to the law, you aren’t allowed to drive on the public road, without possessing a registration.

In the case of buying a car from a Nevada dealer, you are eligible to register online. This portal will estimate your registration fee based on some factors.

So through it, you can save time and not visit the Department of Motor Vehicles.

You could see all the documents needed for your car registry below:

  • Proof of Insurance
  • Nevada Emission Vehicle Inspection Record
  • Odometer Reading
  • Electronic Dealer Report of Sale (EDRS)
  • Application for car registry

Vanity Plate Availability

Before planning what to include in your personalized tag, make sure you don’t violate the general rules or Nevada standard-issue numbering system.

Note, the DMV will not accept your request in such cases when the placards:

  • show racial superiority, ridicule, gender, ethnic legacy, religion;
  • include expressions, which are offensive to good taste and decency;
  • carry disparaging, desecrate misleading, rude, sexual expressions;
  • contain defaming issues, which refer to certain people or groups;
  • include drug-related, or gang connotation;
  • are already issued by any dealer;
  • exceed the number of positions;
  • include symbols or punctuation marks.

Applying for NV Vanity Plates

By and large, you have three options to choose from while planning to order a placard. These options are online, in person, by mail/fax. Let’s figure out what is required for each of them.


Before ordering procedure, you should previously have the following documentation at your fingertips:

  1. Identification card
  2. Driver’s license

Apart from them, another important point here is that your auto should already have a registry.

Note, without a car registry, you aren’t eligible to apply online. After satisfying all the needs properly, the DMV should give its approval and review your placard.

When it is approved, you will get a letter from the Department for pickup. But there are some tags you aren’t allowed to order online. Among them are:

  • Military
  • Peace Officer
  • Girl Scout Gold Award
  • Eagle Scout
  • Firefighter
  • Mason

By fax/ mail

Send the application to the address indicated in its section along with the required charge.
You should fax the suitable application to (775) 684-4797 with a Credit Card.


You are eligible to register the automobile or receive a renewal while ordering in person. The registration centers where you can visit are the Department of Motor Vehicle and County Assessor’s Office.

How many different number plates are in NV?

Generally, Nevada has many license tags with different designs and features. To put it differently, some of them are used for charitable purposes and also for the prosperous future of NV.

Now let’s see what are the main categories. Among them are:

  • Electric
  • Organizations
  • Discontinued
  • Firefighters
  • Peace Officers
  • Classic
  • Veterans
  • Charitable and Collegiate
  • Circa 1982 Replica
  • Sample and Souvenir

How much is a personalized numberplate in Nevada?

Typically, fees differ based on types of the tags. The first fee for the standard ones is $42, annual is $20. While for motorbikes initial charge is $39.25, and the annual cost is $20. Note, these costs are added to the other registry fees.

Do I need to have a front license placard in NV?

As the law states, all kinds of automobiles, except for trailers and motorcycles, need to have two numberplates attached both on the front part and the rear part of the auto.

As for motorcycles and trailers, they are required to have only a rear identifier. Note, front tags can be non-compulsory when the automobiles aren’t planned for the front part. Also, manufacturers don’t offer frame or add-on brackets.

How do I get a Raider’s License Plate?

Among charitable tags are Raider ones. They have a silver and black background with a symbolic shield. Most people seek to have these attached to their automobiles. If you are one of them, be ready to pay $61.00.

The Raiders Foundation benefits from this payment. What is more, it supports youth development, football, military, and also veterans.

To order this tag, you should submit a souvenir application either by mail/ fax or online. In the case of applying by mail, consider a receipt and Payment Authorization form. To apply by fax, apply to the following address (775) 684-4797.