New Jersey Vanity Plates



New Jersey Vanity Plates


Vanity plate sales are a substantial source of revenue for provincial and state licensing organizations in the United States. All the states in the US issue vanity plates. New Jersey is no exception. So, to obtain a New Jersey vanity plate, you should comply with some requirements. Another important step is to know what types of plates are available in the state. Thus, the whole point of the article is to answer all frequently asked questions connected with New Jersey vanity plates. For example, what the fees are, what categories exist, and so on.


The article identifies and describes the numerous types of New Jersey license plates of the MVC (Motor Vehicle Commission). Moreover, it provides information about standard issues, prices, testing sections, etc. Thus, to learn more about them, check out the instructions below.

What license plates are available in New Jersey?

When titling your automobile, you obtain two plates. One is for the front and one for its rear. At the same time, only 1 is issued to trailers, powered bicycles, motorcycles. In addition, they must always be clean and visible. To put it another way, they must always be lighted at night to be visible from 50 feet away.

In addition, you should know that there might be a fine of up to $100 on the condition that you use a holder or cover that conceals or even further obscures any wording on them.

The Motor Vehicle Commission offers the following types:

  • Sports
  • Personalized
  • Special vehicle
  • Specialty
  • Dedicated

Number of characters

You may choose five characters, which contain figures, letters, and spaces.


Secondly, no one can use combinations or words, which are offensive to the public.

How much do vanity plates cost in New Jersey?

You may customize your tags for a one-time price of $50. This price, on the other hand, is in addition to the license fee.

On the condition that the registration has been inactive for more than two years, an additional $50 fee is charged.

How to order personalized plates in NJ?

You may order them online. All you need is:

  • ID number
  • Ensure that you have social security number, driver’s license
  • Social security number

You should pay with a credit card. AMEX (American Express Company), MasterCard, and Visa are suitable options.

To finish the request, you can also download the application and send it through the mail. Don’t forget about the payment check (or money order).

For additional information, you may contact the State of New Jersey Vehicle Commission at (609) 292-6500. The toll-free phone is (888) 486-3339.

How much are specialty plates in NJ?

You can get a variety of specialty plates. For example, Personalized, Charity, Organization, and Military.


This one costs $50 in addition to the usual registration expenses.

Your individualized message ought to contain the following information:

  • A minimum of three letters
  • No more than seven characters

Note that you can test the availability on the NJ MVC website.


In NJ, there are numerous different societies, such as interests, charities, moreover, schools, including:

  • Community organizational tags, containing Kiwanis International, Fraternal order of police and also AMVETS (American Veterans)
  • Special cause tags that are available for an Organ donor, Olympic spirit, Liberty Park.
  • Collegiate labels, which are available for Notre Dame, Penn State, also Rutgers.
  • Sporting tags
  • Professional labels, involving dentists, chiropractors, and the press.

Lastly, it is important to know that taxes for communities vary and are donated to a specific group.


If you are a member of the Military or a veteran, you may be eligible for this type if relate to:

  • Branch
  • Combat
  • Honor and award
  • Family of the Gold Star