New Mexico License Plate Options


New Mexico License Plate Options


New Mexico is one of the states that has the most variety of license plates. It has many colorful options. It is noteworthy that most New Mexico license plate options contain green and red chiles. This is to point out that NM is the Chile capital of the world, and has the best chiles. It is the standard type and requires no extra fee. You need to pay this for the rest of the options.

Depending on this, it can differ. In this state, it is legal not to have a front license plate. You can order it both in the office and online and pay the required fees.


If you look for New Mexico license plate options, you may get confused about which one to choose. This article aims to be a good guide for you to orientate at once.

Types of vanity plates in NM

Numberplates are one of the important parts of any vehicle. They help us to differentiate one vehicle from another. For example, if there are two cars of the same color, model, and make, you can distinguish them with the help of plates.

All the letters and numbers on it indicate different facts. The first two letters indicate the vehicle’s first registration date. The next two show the manufacturing year. The last three letters are randomly selected to separate one from another.

As we know, there is also a country with the name of Mexico, which is in the southwest of NM. For this reason, it specifies the USA to avoid confusion.

Below we will present you the New Mexico license plate options.

  • Standard
  • Specialty
  • Personalized
  • Collegiate
  • Handicapped
  • Historical and vintage
  • Military and veterans
  • Institutions and Causes
  • Police, firefighters, and emergency medical technician
  • Motorcycle

Is a front plate necessary?

Maybe it is not a common thing not to have a front plate in many other states. However, in NM, it is not illegal. There are many people whose cars do not have front ones, as they think that they look clunky and awkward. They usually own supercars (e.g. Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini) and think that those front tags spoil their car’s look.

In short, it is not a must to have both the plates in this state. However, whenever an accident or a crime occurs, it will be harder for cameras to fix the car.

In fact, there are also 18 states that are guided likewise. To clarify, they do not also require a front one. They think that in this way, they leave space for car owners to have their desired logos, their names, or whatever they wish to be on the front bumper.


We will introduce you to the most recently created option, which is the standard type. This state is the Chile capital of the world. To rephrase it, there are two chiles on the NM number plate. They are green and red.

It is generally black. The writings are yellow, red, and green. On top of all of these options, you will read “Chile is the capital of the world”.

This type is available both at the offices and online. It is considered to be a standard type and requires no extra fees during the registration. But, if you already have one and want to replace it with another New Mexico license plate option, you need to pay a $17 replacement fee in an office, or $7.75 online.

Whereas, if your current plate is a specialty one, the replacement fees differ. To explain, those are $5 in-office and $7.75 online. Each type has its unique design and colors.

Within 50 years, NM has changed its plate colors and design. More than 100 years ago they were green on white and the other way.

In conclusion, New Mexico license plate options are various and colorful. You are free to choose your favorite one.