New Mexico License Plate


New Mexico License Plate


The owners of any type of car have to register them in New Mexico. The local Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) is dealing with registration and licensing. All services are available online and at the agency’s field offices.
The same office issues plates of different types. This article will show how to register your vehicle and obtain the necessary tags.

New Mexico License Plate

Any state has its own rules, and you have to obey them to drive legally. We will guide you through the process of getting a New Mexico license plate. However, the first task is to register and title the vehicle.

Registration and title

Authorization is mandatory for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and trailers. However, the first step is titling. Most of the services here are available online. Keep in mind that the driver has to visit the MVD field office if he has just purchased a car.

The appointment system allows booking times and locations convenient for you. The automobiles moving from another state have to undergo a VIN inspection.

The new automobile owner has to bring the original MCO and purchase agreement. There is a different list of documents necessary for used cars.

In any case, you need:

  • Application
  • Odometer statement
  • Certificate of title

Remember that in NM you must drive only when you have auto insurance. The driver has to bring his card and a package of documents. Minimum insurance amounts are available on the MVD website.


Now let’s check the fees. They vary based on the weight and the model year. The payment starts from $27 for one year and $44 for two. If you operate a truck, it costs at least $38.

How to choose a tag?

The current New Mexico license plate definitely stands out by its color. The process of obtaining a standard one is quite easy as compared to other states. No form or fee is necessary to get a traditional red and yellow or eye-catching turquoise tag.

The same rules apply to a ‘Chile Plate’ which depicts red and green pepper. As a matter of fact, the turquoise variant is a proud winner of the best U.S. tag award of 2012.

NM is also the only state to have a “USA” inscription on its tag. This specification shows the driver is not from the country of Mexico.

Personalized options

The local authorities allow you to pick your custom placard. In order to apply for it, you have to keep the rules. The allowed characters are:

  • 1-7 for yellow prestige
  • 1-8 for turquoise prestige
  • 1-6 for Chile

A custom variant will cost only $17. Overall, the Division allows using any combination of letters and numbers.

Make sure not to pick a combination that:

  • duplicates other;
  • contains insults or offensive language;
  • falsely implies you are an official;
  • features special characters.

You can order them online and without any shipping charges. Anyway, when submitting an application, you need the following papers:

  • Full VIN
  • Current license
  • Control number

Special Cause

There is an assortment of specialty options. For example, any higher educational institution may submit an application for a special one. The Division chooses the color and design. The charge for this kind of tag is $37.

The other options are issued for veterans or family members of a serviceman killed in the conflict. You can also find those designed for firefighters and emergency personnel. Of course, the Division must check your eligibility.

Some tags are also to support NGOs and various causes. The examples of those raising awareness include:

  • Children’s Trust Fund
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Organ Donors
  • Adopt a Child

Historical and vintage samples are for automobiles that are at least 35 years old. Such tags will remain with the vehicle even if the owner changes.

Additional details

In case of damage or loss, the driver may apply for replacing it. The service includes reprinting your old one using the same numbers and characters.

NM cares for utilization and offers to recycle your placard if you no longer need it. Any person can claim a refund if the paid amount exceeded the provisions of law.

For any request contact the field office next to you. The full list of local service providers is available here. You just have to fill in a ZIP code or mention the city.