NC License Plate Options


NC License Plate Options


In North Carolina, you can apply and get specialty license plates with specific designs and letter-digit combinations. The North Carolinian DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles) issues specialty license plates with designs that represent over 100 causes and interest organizations. The price varies based on the design chosen and is added to the usual car registration charge.

However, you need to look up and check the availability of your desired combination. Then, you will be able to apply to the DMV.

The article guides you on each license plate’s requirements and its characteristics, fees, and application conditions.

NC License Plate Options

Actually, NC License Plate Options are over 100. However, we can group them into two main groups: Standard and Specialty. The standards are issued to every resident who titles and registers his car or motorcycle. To be qualified for the Specialty license plate you have to first visit N.C. General Assembly and get the permission. Later, you need to submit that permission along with your request form to the nearest DMV.

Specialty decals, actually, include over 100 types and each of them has its specific requirements.


The Division of Motor Vehicles allows you to customize the basic number tags with the letters and digits you want. Accordingly, they can contain any number of figures, characters, or letters.

However, there is a possibility of a refusal, if:

  • It is a copy of a previously issued placard
  • Contains more characters and digits than the maximum (to clarify, 8 for passengers, 7 for motorcycles, and 4 for customized)
  • It has an offensive meaning

Before you start submitting your application, you may run a quick lookup and check the availability of lettering.

Particular organization

Some particular companies have their designs as well as application process guidelines.

Among them are:

  • Civic club
  • Collegiate
  • Special interest

Civic club

This type allows you to demonstrate your support for special causes by displaying your membership.

Hence, the following are some examples of them and their associated expenses:

  • Rotary International, costing $10
  • For the Knights of Columbus, the fee is $10
  • Police Benevolence Association, which is $10 again


They allow you to express your support for a university or college group. At the same time, you contribute to the institution’s scholarship and other programs.

The NC DMV has placards accessible for many North Carolina institutions, out-of-state colleges, sororities, and even more, fraternities. The price of it varies.

Currently, available universities are:

  • A&T University
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
  • Duke University
  • Purdue University

Special Interest

The DMV issues NC Special Interest tags to assist raise funds for various charities.
Besides, a percentage of their charge is donated to a charity or non-profit institution that supports their cause.

To clarify, let’s give some examples:

  • Ducks unlimited costs $20, $10 of which helps the wildlife commission


  • Blue ridge parkway is $30, $20 of which is given to a foundation


The North Carolina Motorsports Foundation or a comparable non-profit organization receives a share of the additional charge for NASCAR placards.

Therefore, the available ones are:

  • Generic design
  • Ford racing
  • Hall of fame
  • Race fan

The special fee for most of them is $30.

In addition, you may visit the DOT platform on applying for the tags online or check for more details.


Veterans, members, and retirees of the United States Armed Forces may purchase a variety of military plates, which are designed for:

  • Reserves
  • Retirees
  • Veterans

Yet, you should be required to certify your service or submit evidence of duty in the applicable branch to be eligible for this. The fee is $10 for the initial request.

Visit the North Carolina DOT website for eligibility requirements, expenses, also a complete list of available military ones.


For classic cars that are considered antiques, DOT offers particular decals. To be eligible for them, your vehicle must be:

  • At least 30 years old manufactured automobile
  • The DMV has inspected it to ensure that it is safe to operate

In brief, about the information on fees and inspection requirements, contact the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Phrases appearing on the NC custom license plates

The phrases used on the decals can be various. First of all, they include the official US motto, “In God we trust”. This symbolizes power and authority with an American flag, representing democracy and freedom.

The letters ‘S’ and ‘A’ for “Soldiers and Airmen” are also featured on the tags to show patriotism. It honors the military members and the country.

What concerns the “FD” phrase it means Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

In some cases, you can offer your phrase to print on the decal. However, take into account that phrases mustn’t be offensive or contain vulgarism. They also can’t target or discriminate against any group of individuals based on race, age, sex, etc.

To sum up, you should take into consideration that all these requirements are subject to change in the future. Accordingly, to avoid any inconvenience, keep outdated with the Division of Motor Vehicles website.