Ohio License Plates



Ohio License Plates

Nearly in every state, you can obtain two types of license plates: standard and vanity (personalized). Generally, you can visit the nearest BMV office and apply for your Ohio License Plate. However, for now, you also have online and via mail options.

Before submitting the application for license plates, however, you need to run a lookup to check the availability of lettering. You also have to check the applicable payments and fees.

The article below is a guide on getting the OH license plates. It touches upon the requirements, fees, application procedure as well as the limitations and restrictions.


Ohio License Plate Types

The OH Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) is a government agency in charge of all plate-related matters. It offers the residents several types of license plates. If you just apply to get decals, the BMV issues you standard ones. However, you can personalize them any time and obtain vanity plates.

The letter is with the lettering you want to show in it. You may use letters, digits, and spaces. BMV bans the use of any other symbols.

Some historic background

The launching of OH’s recent vanity plate goes under history as one of the biggest failures of the state.

Long story short, the governor revealed the “Sunrise in OH” tag which features wheat fields, a city skyline, also a kid and a dog playing together by a tree. It was to reflect the OH geographic diversity and the seal.

In addition, the Wright Flyer was also represented as a reference to Ohio’s significance in aircraft history, with a banner flying from the plane’s incorrect end.

The “Birthplace of Aviation” banner was improperly placed on the front of the plane’s tiny “elevators”. As a result, it seemed to be going backward.

Consequently, the OH Department of Public Safety soon recognized and fixed the error, but about 35,000 tags with the original design were already printed.

The department accordingly decided to recycle them. To clarify, the inmates at Lebanon Correctional Institution pass the misprints through a machine that slices them up and recycles the aluminum.

The government has fixed the error and all local deputy registrar locations have new decals available. Moreover, you can check them online by visiting the BMV government website.

Application Process

To get your number tags in Ohio you have to submit an application along with the following documents:

  • Either an OH certificate or memorandum of title
  • A valid OH driver’s permit
  • Either a state identification or social security card
  • If titled, a tax identification number
  • Cheques of applicable payments

Actually, the OH tags cost $34.50. In the case of personalization, you have to make additional payments.

The only exception that does not demand these additional expenses is a military placard.
State also allows the use of out-of-state licenses. You just have to follow the requirements of the government and ensure to be accompanied at all times by a licensed driver who is, in fact, no less than 21 years old. Out-of-state permits are not permanent. If you plan to live or work in Ohio you should get a state-issued tag.

In addition, you can drive the car you just bought home without the tag. Yet you may do it within three days of the sale. You also have to obtain the assigned title and evidence of insurance.

If you already have one, you can transfer them into a new car or motorcycle. In case you no longer need them, you have to surrender them to the nearest office.

In case of additional questions regarding the topic just covered, you may call the helpdesk of the Department of Finance and Administration at (614) 752 7500 or visit the BMV office.

Is there still a need for a front tab?

At first, the residents used to have both front and rear tags to drive registered vehicles legally. Yet, in the absence of them, you may face the risk of getting pulled over. Even more, the police may find you.

On the contrary, after 1 July 2020, the government requires drivers to have only a rear tag. Even when the new regulations took effect, you have to ensure that you display the rear at all times.

You have to display identical front and rear placards in case you use both.

What do the Ohio license plates say?

Governor DeWine once illustrated that it reflects the soul and heart of OH, moreover, it encapsulates where they have been, who they are, and also where they are going.

Furthermore, the imagery symbolized what makes OH unique, beautiful, and also extraordinary.