Ohio Personalized Plates


Ohio Personalized Plates


In most cases, you must obtain license plates after registering and titling your vehicle. The Ohio DMV provides standard or personalized license plates to its residents. Personalized ones are custom-made for people and have specified lettering.

So, in order to receive a Vermont vanity plate, you must first register your vehicle. Later, you have to submit an application to get your license plates. You will get temporary ones when waiting for yours.

In Ohio, there are some applicable payments you have to make along with the request form.

The following article will walk you through the general requirements, application procedure, costs, and lookup options.
The BMV (Bureau of Motor Vehicles) is in charge of the distribution and issuing of Ohio tags that are customized. You may attach them to such vehicles as autos, motorcycles, even more pickups, and vans.

Before you proceed with the application, you have to title and register your vehicle. Personalized plates have their own lettering that’s why you have to run a quick lookup and check the availability of the lettering.

You must, in fact, contact the BMV for registration, as well as for titling when you purchase a new automobile or move into Ohio.

Application Process

As an OH resident, you have the right to apply for Ohio Personalized Plates. There are, however, some specific rules that must be followed.

When you have just moved to the state or have obtained a new car, it is vital to know that you only have 30 days to complete the registration process. Besides, you should be sure to have valid insurance and afterward apply for authorization.

Following titling, you must go to the BMV organization and provide the following information:

  • Ownership verification
  • Either a valid ID or a driver’s permission
  • If applicable OH registration power of attorney
  • Documentation of inspection
  • The fee of all applicable taxes and expenses

Even more, the state will grant you temporary tags that allow you to lawfully drive on OH roadways until you receive your permanent authorization in the mail.

Also, when you buy a car from a licensed dealer, you will be given a temporary tag that is valid for 45 days. In addition, the fee for registration is $34.50

There are two ways to order your OH personalized tags:

  • By visiting the OH BMV website and checking the availability. Afterward, follow the instructions.


The cost for the mail applications is $50 in addition to the usual payments.

Your application can take up from 4 to 8 weeks for processing and delivery.

The national law requires auto owners to display a rear vanity plate, there is no need for the front tag for now.

Restrictions and Limitations

In Ohio, your custom number plate should have a minimum of four up to seven characters on it, furthermore, a space counts as one character. That is to say, if your choice includes seven characters, you can include only two spaces. If six characters, you should add only three spaces. Lastly, the ones with five symbols should contain only one space.

On the contrary, there are some exceptions, where no space should be used, they are:

  • The ones with six symbols and logos
  • The motorcycle ones with five symbols

Even more, you can include any combination of letters from A to Z, as well as numbers from 0 to 9.

Moreover, it is important to know that you should not use vulgar or offensive lettering since the government bans them.

You cannot use any combinations that have a connection to the police or public institutions’ choice, as well as when they have been used before.

How to check the availability of the license plate?

You may check the availability by running a quick lookup online. To do this, you’ll need the following info filled in and submitted on the website.

  • First of all, select the type of vehicle.
  • Secondly, select the type of tag from the list displayed on the page.
  • Include the LP number.

In the second place, this option is available only if your automobiles and motorcycles are currently registered in OH. If not, you will have to apply in person at a BMV field office in the state.

Summing up, you should take into consideration that all these requirements are subject to change in the future. Thus, to avoid any inconvenience, you should contact the DMV either by paying a visit or contacting them online.