All About OK License Plates

Whenever you buy a vehicle and want to drive it on Oklahoma roads, you have to take care of the paperwork. First of all, you have to register and title your vehicle. Later, you have to apply and get your Oklahoma License Plate. Actually, all these processes require much attention. You have to complete some basic steps and meet the state requirements. As a matter of fact, each county has its own set of requirements. However, the article touches upon the main specifications, application documents, and applicable fees. Before heading to the nearest DMV, take your time and check out the article.

All the vehicles in OK have to be registered, titled, and have valid Oklahoma License Plates to drive legally on roads and highways. State offers two main types of tags you can get: standard and personalized. Generally, standard ones carry the same design. The background is a light blue with a white scissor-tail flycatcher bird. The DMV issues the latter to all the drivers.

In most cases, if the purchase was made with the help of the dealership, it’s up to them to take care of the paperwork. If it was a private sale, you have to organize all the processes.

Oklahoma Personalized License Plates

If you want to add some difference or show any kind of support, you may add personalization on your decals. It’s not that hard process. You have to apply to the nearest DMV office, provide the required paperwork and make applicable payments. However, before you head to the office or submit your application, you have to run a quick lookup. It will enable you to check the availability of the lettering you want.

When personalizing you can choose the color as well. Nearly all the colors are available except Black. The black tags mean you temporarily don’t drive the automobile or motorcycle. What concerns the letter-digit combination, you can use up to 7 characters. Choose any letter from A to Z and any number from 0 to 9. You are allowed to use space and dash as well. They are considered as one character.

The fees vary based on the lettering, design, etc. It ranges from $1 to $103 for an initial request.

Required Documents

To apply for the plates you have to provide the following documents:

  • Title and Registration Certificate
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Completed and signed form
  • Proof of identity
  • Residency proof
  • Cheques of payments

Take into account that all the documents must be valid and up-to-date.


As we already specified you have to register your car or motorcycle after you have bought it. You have to complete the process within a month. The registration can be done at the nearest office. You may need the following records:

  • Liability insurance
  • Form 701-6
  • Bill of sale
  • Three forms of government ID
  • Title
  • Insurance certificate

If OK, you don’t have to provide an emission inspection at the moment of registration.

If you successfully register and title your automobile and motorcycle, you are eligible to apply for your decals.

Surrender and Replacement

In case you ever lose or damage your tags or someone stoles them, you may apply for a replacement. There are some applicable charges. Just visit the local DMV and submit the request.

If you no longer use your car or happen to sell it, you have to surrender your current decals. The surrender is applicable in three cases:

  • when you sell your automobile
  • if you move out-of-state
  • in case you no longer drive.

If your request is successfully submitted, the DMV will mail you the surrender notice.

Can I keep my license plate when I sell my car in Oklahoma?

In short, yes. You are eligible to keep your tags to transfer them to your new auto. Generally, it is obligatory that you are the one who owns the automobile. Also, take into account that there may be some applicable charges.

In case you have made a purchase with a dealership, you will have a month to provide the data for registration.