Oklahoma Specialty Plates


Oklahoma Specialty Plates


There is a wide range of license placards that can be used by individuals. This article reveals all the necessary information about Oklahoma specialty plates. By reading this article you will learn about its types.

Besides that, it covers essential points about how to apply and what conditions are designed. It will display the costs, renewal and replacement procedures as well. Besides, the article talks about the eligibility status.

We will also discuss the transfer of these placards as many people do not possess a holistic picture of what they have to do in the case of a car sale or purchase. Thus, if you plan to get one, continue reading.

Oklahoma Specialty Plates

Individuals have always enjoyed making their feelings and ideas visible to others. A way to make this happen is to obtain special placards. This is a great way of creating something new and realizing your intentions.

With these little but important items, you are able to show your attitude, support, and sympathy towards certain things, organizations, and phenomena.

You not only share ideas but also create personalities. Here we have tried to make it easy for you to achieve all these things mentioned above.

Types of Oklahoma Specialty Plates

They have several classifications. It includes memberships, groups, charities, colleges, and other organizations. These license tags are available for different individuals.

The first group is those who have a special interest (Boy Scouts of America or people who have antique or classic cars).

The second category refers to schools, colleges, or organizations that have Greek origin. Examples, the state university of OK, the Central Hight School of OK, and Alpha Phi Alpha.

The third category is the Civil servants, which includes individuals who are serving or have served (firefighters and police officers).

The fourth group includes Native American Tribes, more specifically, the Chickasaw Nation and the Choctaw Nation.

Eligibility Needs

If you would like to obtain one of the above-mentioned kinds, study your eligibility status. They are available for anyone who wants to show his/her support, but some restrictions exist.

People who are affiliated with some organizations may not have them. Besides these, the eligibility may concern your car, meaning to say whether it is antique or not.

How to Apply For Oklahoma specialty plates?

For submitting an application, you are to choose the desired option. The precise categories that you are given to choose from are School-related, Civil Servants, Special interests, and Tribal tags.

After you have done this, complete the application. Whenever you click on a category, the appropriate paper will pop up. After that, you are to provide the payment check.

When you are done, collect the demanded proof concerning supporting paperwork. Read the instructions to learn about all other conditions in every detail.

After you have completed all the steps, send it via mail. You are able to do it in person as well. Look for the address and other specific data on the application form.

How Much Does It Cost?

The expenses depend on the type that you would like to have. But the expenses for them do not include the standard or registration payments. The fees mentioned below are mostly general for most of them with some slight differences.

For example, you are to pay $40 if you want to order Boy Scouts of America. For receiving a new one, you must pay $36.55.

Alpha Phi Alpha costs $20 when ordering. The renewal fee is $16.55.

As for the Personalized Chickasaw Nation, the charge is $25. For the renewal of the latter, the charge amounts to $21.55.

For some of them, personalization may not be a demand but for some, it is. Very often you do not have to pay for that.

Receiving a New Tag

You can find the expense for this on the form. You complete the same document as you did while registering. You get the number plates either in the local DMV office or the Tax Commission office of OK.

If you plan to renew it, you are to provide the number of the placard that is currently used.


Sometimes people lose or damage them. This is why they have to change and substitute them. For this, you are to fill out the same form. In this case, you must select the box that states whether you are applying for the first time (original) or for a replaced one.

You must fill out another document that is an affidavit for replacement. After this, deliver the payment. The cost is the same as for the registration at the first time. Finally, submit the documentation to the same address.


For this procedure, you must complete a request document. After that, send it to the same address. If they approve the submission, you are to pay $1.55.

Remember that you cannot make use of transfers if you have a Gold Star, Prisoner of War, Disabled American Veteran, or Vintage.

Note for the Reader

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