RI Vanity Plates



RI Vanity Plates


The distribution and issuing of personalized and customized permit placards are overseen by the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles.

Accordingly, only registered owners may order the tags. The permission placard you order should be registered to Rhode Island at the time of issuance.

Every U.S state has its requirements for obtaining vanity plates. As well as, the departments have the right to decide character limits, types, and other things. Consequently, RI is not an exception.

To learn more about all the requirements for purchasing RI vanity plates, you can read the article written below, which provides answers to your frequently asked questions.


Before driving, automobile owners have to know all the essential requirements connected with symbols on the placards, expenses, as well as, what is the difference between personalized and custom tags. Moreover, which of them do they need to obtain.

Thus, for having a clear overview of these important things, let’s check out the article together.

What’s the difference between vanity and personalized tags?

There is an easy way to categorize placards:

In short, custom placards may only include up to three digits or one to seven letters, while both symbols and digits are included on the other one.

Hence, in Rhode Island, your personalized placard can have a maximum of six characters. Furthermore, you may use any combination of letters from A to Z, digits zero to nine, as well as spaces.

The phrases personalized license and custom tags are largely equivalent outside of this precise distinction. Whereas, the vanity ones are more commonly associated with merely decorative license plates, however, the word still refers to legitimate tags.

RI Vanity License Plates Lookup

The lookup allows you to check the availability of the lettering you want. Then, you may personify your tag with your unique character combination.

When creating the lettering, you have to take the following rules into account:

  1. It consists of two to six numbers or symbols
  2. It must be distinct and original
  3. It’s not offensive

As mentioned above, you should confirm the availability before you go to the DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles). Just contact the nearest office to run a quick lookup.

How much do they cost?

Tag expenses vary based on the types and lettering. The expenses might be from $8 up to $82. Thus, to learn more about them, you can check out the Motor Vehicle Department’s website to learn more.

Furthermore, it is important to add that there are some types that DMV issues without any fees. They are:

  • Veteran Gold Star
  • Veteran
  • Purple Heart
  • Prisoner of War
  • Disabled Veteran

However, these all relate to the initial application.

The office accepts cash, bank, and personal checks, money orders, also credit cards (Visa and American Express, MasterCard, Discover). Besides, there is a $2.50 technology surcharge on all fees DMV indicates on the website.

However, there is a minimum service price of $1.50 for the transaction, or 2.35 percent for transactions costing $64.00 or more, if you pay by credit card.

This cost is in addition to any expenses indicated and goes to the provider of the third-party, Federal Payments.

Moreover, they have higher annual registration fees than conventional permission plates. Hence, the DMV Fee Table lists the costs.

Is a front plate required?

Yes. You have to be display plates on both the front and rear sides of all vehicles on the road. The front of the car’s number must be white, with black index marks quite visible. Meanwhile, on a yellow, the rear must also have black letters and digits.

Online reservation service

For an online reservation service, a Visa, a MasterCard, as well as a Discover credit card are required. Nevertheless, it is vital to take into consideration that only passenger cars, motorbikes, and commercial trucks that weigh less than 9,001 pounds are eligible for this online service.

Who has the number 1 permit tag in the state?

The governor and the mayor of Providence both have permission tag number 1.

Summing up, to receive a qualified authorization, you need to follow all the requirements that the department requires. In addition, you should be informed that these are subject to change in the future. Accordingly, to escape from any inconvenience, follow the official page for any upcoming changes.

For any additional information, contact:

Phone: +1 401-462-4368

Or visit

Address: 600 New London Ave, Cranston, RI 02920