Utah Vanity Plate


Utah Vanity Plate


Whenever you purchase a vehicle in Utah, you have to take care of the paperwork. It must be registered, titled, and have valid license plates. When it comes to the plates you have two options to choose from, standard and vanity. Each has its set of requirements and required documents.

To learn more follow this article. It touches upon all the regulations and paperwork.

In case you have moved to Utah or bought a car here, you have to take care of the registration and its title. Later, you have to get your number tags. It’s up to you to choose to obtain standard or vanity tags. The application process is not that hard. You have to just complete some basic steps and submit the paperwork. So, let’s walk through the article and get deep knowledge of the above-mentioned processes.


All the drivers know, that once they buy an automobile, it is a must to go through the registering and licensing processes. These two actions are interrelated. First, you need to sign up for your machine. Without this step, you may operate your automobile or motorcycle for up to 60 days. During this period you obtain a temporary registry permit for legal driving. All the activities connected with registering and licensing take place at the UT DMV office (Utah Division of Motor vehicles). So, to complete the registration, you are to go to your local office bringing

  • A completed Title application
  • An inspection certificate
  • A completed inspection of vehicle identification number
  • A passed safety inspection proof
  • Applicable fee checks

Nevertheless, these points are changeable. It depends on the following facts

  • Your automobile is new, and you are going to register it for the first time.
  • Your registry is out-of-state
  • You want to renew it

The fees and taxes may differ as well, depending on these points. So, it’s always better to contact the DMV for exact details.

Types of LP-s

Once you manage your registry, you need to apply for your LP. You have to choose one of these three tags:

  • Standard
  • Special group
  • Exempt

These are general options. Each of them includes other types too. The standard decal has three currently used options. We can see a combination of three numbers and letters on them. Those may be used more than once. There are three letters, which are not used. Those are letters I, O, and Q. Decals belonging to the special group are for generating funds for different purposes, or for specific groups of people.
Here, the requirement process differs. You may see 5 characters on the right part, under which an explanatory phrase is visible. And on the left part, there is a special sticker. We can compare this type with personalized decals. The last exempt type is for the automobiles, which belong to the public, or the entities give them to rent. On this type of tag, you will see the letter combination EX.

The UVP colors

At the very beginning of its issuance, the colors of UVP changed every year. World War 2 had affected this fact. But since 1968, the colors were not changed so frequently. Then it was legal to have black tags. Now it is considered to be very trendy to have black ones. Car lovers strive to acquire them so that their cars look nicer. But currently, they are not legal at all. The police warn not to waste money on it. The main reason is that this color is invisible at night.

Are the front license plates required?

In a word, yes. When you register your car, you get two LP-s. One for the front, the other for the back of your machine. But you may see every fifth vehicle without the front one. It is for this reason, that law enforcement is not so strict. But it is not legal. Most people think it gives nothing to a driver`s safety, that is why it should be canceled. The other 19 states require only the rear one.

A vanity tag costs in Utah

Besides the registration charges, you are also to pay for personalized tags in this state. You will have to pay $58 in addition to the other fees. Once your tag is damaged, you should pay the replacement charge of $16. You can do all the processes both online and in person.

To conclude, whenever you own a vehicle, you will need to think of the Utah vanity plate, its requirements, fees, and everything connected with it.