Vermont Temp Plate


Vermont Temp Plate


Typically, Vermont offers temp plates, especially to those who have just bought a used or new vehicle. The majority of buyers are inclined to get temporary tags when a car registration is still on the way. Note that they are valid for no more than 60 days. Be sure to prepare all the documentation needed for a temp registration. But it is not always the case when you can get your hands on tags. That is when there are changes in title, bill of sale, registry, etc.
Let’s understand in what other cases you are not allowed to apply for. Continue reading to know about it, as well as application options and fees.

By and large, a VT temp plate covers certain key points which may be beneficial for you. Thus, one of the benefits is empowering you to drive legally on the public road. However, the disadvantage here is that it is valid for 60 days.

During that period, you had better prepare all the documents required for having a permanent registration.

Applying for a temporary plate

To start with, you should have a number plate application and car insurance before applying for your tags. After meeting all the needs required by the DMV office, you already have the right to get them. But in certain conditions, your temporary tags will not be issued. The common causes are the following:

  • Firstly, you have already got a title or haven’t followed all the registry processes step by step.
  • Secondly, some changes have occurred, especially in proof of purchase, ownership, and signature.
  • Thirdly, your number plate is out of date.

If you haven’t ever come across such problems, feel free to apply for yours online or in person.


Naturally, there are certain requirements you should meet before ordering online. Make sure you have a certificate of insurance at your fingertips. Additionally, an application along with fees is required before submitting them to the DMV.


Note that you are eligible to visit the Department of Motor Vehicle in cases when you:

  • order vanity plate rather than a standard one
  • don’t possess Bill of Sale and Odometer Reading (Form VT-005)
  • haven’t confirmed the Vehicle Identification Number
  • don’t own the title

Before signing the Temporary Tag Authorization Form, make sure you are thoroughly aware of the following rules:

  1. Paid fees with registry charges are not repaid.
  2. You can’t renew or extend the temporary number plates.

In the case of permanent registration, be ready to fill in the documents and applications needed. To meet all the demands offered by the law and make this process easier, turn to a commissioner for help.

How much is a temporary plate in Vermont?

As Governor Phil Scott states, people who are going to register the vehicle or obtain a Temp tag can order online by making an appointment at the Department of Motor Vehicle. So, the registry fee ordered remotely is $6.

Does the VT title loophole still work?

As a rule, the state of Vermont is considered a non-tilting jurisdiction, therefore the loophole system is still in use. But what does it mean? It enables you to recover or obtain a lost title through different websites.

When your auto is more than 15 years old, VT offers a registration for it, which can be valid beyond the state borders. To clarify, you are eligible to drive in foreign states because they recognize it as a legal document.

What refers to other automobiles, you have different methods for having your car registered. For example, preparing only registry fees and bills of sale, you could go to DMV, which will issue new registration in your name.

Other methods include:

  • Mechanic’s Lien
  • Prior owner transfer
  • Non-repairable
  • Abandoned car
  • Lien release
  • Deceased owner transfer

Can you print a temp tag?

After complying with all the requirements properly, and paying the given charges, you should print the numberplate.

Also, remember about printing the rest of the documentation you should present. Be sure you connect the device to the printer, and the latter is working well.