Vermont Vanity Plates



Vermont vanity plates


Generally, after you register and title your vehicle you have to get the license plates. Vermont DMV offers its residents standard or vanity tags. Vanity ones are specially designed for individuals and have special lettering.

As mentioned above, if you are willing to obtain a Vermont vanity plate, you must first register your car. You have to meet some standards before a plate can be attached to the automobile or motorcycle.

You also need to make some payments and submit them to the DMV. The article below is a guide on the general requirements, application process, fees, and lookup.

Application Process

First of all, you have to submit a completed and signed Application form to personalize a standard (non-specialty) decal. However, you have to run a quick lookup to check the availability of the lettering you want.

On the application day, you have to have the following documents with you:

  • Proof of identity
  • Vehicle’s title and registration
  • Payment cheques
  • Driver’s permit

Vermont is a two-plate state. However, when submitting a request form you have to specify the vehicle type. In Vermont, trailers and motorcycles have to attach only the rear one. What concerns front plates, you only need to display them if you operate any other car but a trailer.

Costs and Applicable Fees

In addition to the registration fees, the price of a personalized plate is $48 per year. Furthermore, the DMV demands an annual charge.

Depending on the vehicle type you own and the lettering you want, the DMV may charge you additional fees.

Temporary Tags

If you have bought an auto and are waiting for getting a permanent decal, you should have a temporary tag, which will assume you to operate the auto while waiting.

Nevertheless, you should take into consideration, that the Department of Motor and Vehicles issues temporary tags that are only valid for 60 days and are not permitted to be renewed or extended.

Lettering restrictions

Generally, you can use the letter-digit combination you want for your decals. However, there are some general restrictions DMV applies to them. First of all, let’s check out what lettering you can use.

In VT, you can include the following amount of characters:

  • Standard – seven digits
  • Antiques or exhibitions – four characters
  • Motorcycles, small or moped trailers – six
  • Disabled parking – five digits or letters

In addition, you have to take into account that characters that are profane or vulgar are not permitted on them. Besides, if it references drugs or it expresses prejudice, moreover, if it resembles the name of a government agency.

Furthermore, you may use a combination of letters, numbers, and spaces.

Moreover, there are some more standards that you must follow:

  • You can have no more than two numbers in a row with letters.
  • The Department regards “O” as a number.
  • There are no dots, dashes, or other special characters or symbols permitted.
  • You cannot use“Z” as the first letter.

A single letter placard is fine, however, it must not be an “O” “I,” “J,” or “Z”
Finally, you have to visit the DMV website and search for your placard to see whether it may be personalized and check the Vermont vanity plates’ availability.

Renewing process

In the state, the registration renewal includes the whole process. The office charges the cost along with your usual registration renewal payments for some specialty ones. Your charge may be seen on your app form.

About 3 weeks before your registration expiration date, the Department of Motor and Vehicles will mail you a renewal notification. You have to pay a visit to the nearest office and apply for the renewal. You’ll have to carry the application copy with you until you get the renewed decals.


In case you have lost or damaged or someone has stolen your tags, it is necessary to apply for a replacement. You may either apply online or in person.

The applicable payment, in this case, is $12. Nevertheless, The DMV requires that you obtain a new one with a new number. The previous ones you must transport to the nearest office.

The replacement takes up to 60 days. Until receiving, keep your copy of the application with you while driving.

Are VT strong plates still legal?

No, for now, you cannot find any Vermont-strong license plate for sale. Since July 1, 2017, the law that assumed certain state-registered automobiles to display it that covers a conventional front license placard, was amended to eliminate any end date.