Virginia Personalized License Plates


Virginia Personalized License Plates+Overview


To get your license plates in the state of Virginia you just need to take some steps to receive a registration form, as well as your tags.

If you are curious about how to get your customized tags, how much they’ll cost, and even how to compose them, then keep reading. In this article, we will lead you through the whole process.

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Virginia Personalized License Plates

The VA Department of Motor Vehicles is distributing Virginia personalized license plates. You are able to check to see if the lettering on your tag is available online in VA.

Here, you are able to buy individualized tag online, and take up to 8 weeks to process and deliver. Only registered owners are able to order those. A person needs to register those at the time of issuance.

Those are permitted on automobiles, pickup trucks, vans, and motorcycles․

How much do individualized tags cost?

Particularly motorists are able to personalize their number plates with up to seven symbols in addition to displaying special ones. In addition to the auto registration and special tags payments, individualized ones are only $10 per year.

Instructions for composing customized plates

In VA, your tags can only have a maximum of 7 characters. Letters A to Z, spaces, dashes, ampersands and numbers 0 to 9 are available to use in any combination.
Here are the steps in detail:

  • Use any combination of letters, numbers, and the dash, space, and ampersand as special symbols.
  • The number of characters that can be displayed on a plate varies based on its style. You are able to display fewer characters on it if you include the International Symbol of Access.
  • Leave the applicable box unfilled to create a space between symbols.
  • Some vanity plates, such as military and university ones, have a logo on them. One can not move the logo because it’s in a fixed place.
  • For a permit registered to a vehicle, individualized character combinations must be unique. As a result, your selection may already be in use. Simply try again with a different combination.

How to issue a personalized plate?

The DMV will not approve an application for a customized permit if the requested one comprises any combination of symbols that, in any manner, bears a connotation that a person viewing those could reasonably interpret as:

  • profane, obscene, or vulgar;
  • sexually explicit or graphic;
  • excretory-related;
  • describing intimate body parts or genitals;
  • condoning or encouraging violence;
  • describing illegal activities or illegal substances.

How can you order plates?

Follow these steps below to acquire your tag:

  • Visit the official website to see if your individualized message is available and then follow the instructions to order online.
  • Complete the application form and submit your application and fees by mail to:

Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
PO Box 27412
Richmond, Virginia 23269-0001

How to recall tags?

In fact, the DMV reserves the right to revoke and cancel any personalized ones issued if the agency later determines or discovers that the individual did not comply with these guidelines or became inconsistent with these guidelines due to a change in language use.

DMV can recall and cancel a permit if a person violates specific guidelines. Those are the usage of bumper stickers, stickers, magnets, pictures, and/or any other materials attached to an auto that may affect viewing license and interpreting a message conveyed by a combination of characters.

The promise of the vehicle owner to remove any material attached to the vehicle will not be enough to reverse the decision to recall and cancel it.