WA Vanity Plates


WA Vanity Plates


Every type of vehicle in Washington state should be registered and have plates. To get this done, you must apply to the Department of Licensing (DOL) and your local county’s office.

The authority offers varieties of license plates including standard, vanity, special interest, disabled, and military options. Personalization can be done both on regular and specialty plates.

Vanity or otherwise called personalized plates have certain rules you should know when submitting your suggested characters. This, and other valuable information about WA vanity plates is thoroughly discussed in the article, so be sure to check it.

WA Vanity Plates

Here it is very common to purchase a Washington vanity plate. And if you need to find precise details about the WA placards’ application process, state requirements, and other relevant information, we got you covered!


It doesn’t matter whether you are a WA resident or not, taking care of your registration is the most crucial step. To register your vehicle, you should apply to the Washington Department of Licensing by submitting the following paperwork:

  • Your residency documents (such as your ID/ passport, and driver’s license)
  • The original title
  • Payment of required fees

Keep in mind that once your out-of-state car enters here, you have 30 days to handle the process of registration. In case you bought it from the local dealership, they can take care of this procedure.

However, if the car is purchased from a private party or it is a gift, you are the one who registers it with the DOL within 2 weeks.

Vanity Plate Lookup

To receive approval for your suggestion from the review committee, you should think of characters that are utterly unique. To check the availability as well as the exclusiveness of your proposed idea, visit here.

Rules and Regulations

Vanity or otherwise called personalized tags are available for qualifying WA residents. You are able to suggest a combination of numbers and letters both on standard and special license placards.

In case you personalize it, you must pay both for the special plate issuance and personalization charges. Make sure to follow certain rules as described below:

  • Select up to 7 alphanumeric characters including spaces and hyphens.
  • Check the availability online.
  • Avoid using unusual characters or offensive, vulgar language.

Regarding the last point, be careful when suggesting your proposed lettering. The review committee may decide to reject your application in case they find offensive connotations. To prevent this from happening we recommend checking our page.

Personalized Special Tags

As mentioned earlier, it’s possible to customize both regular and specialty tags. However, according to the DOL website, there might be some delays in its issuance due to Covid19.

To obtain these, take a close look at this step-by-step guide:

  • Firstly, decide what type of specialty options you want and check their availability online.
  • Secondly, fill out the application form.
  • Then, take the form to the King County Records and Licensing Services along with the necessary payment.

Remember that when you customize specialty options, the charges will be doubled. To clarify, you should pay both for personalization and the placard costs. We discuss the details of the fees in the coming paragraphs.


Individuals or organizations can apply and get custom–made disability tags to get parking spots. Individuals should have a medical certificate from an authorized health care provider.

The doctor will decide whether to provide a temp or permanent disabled parking placard which allows utilizing parking privileges. Disabled WA residents should have this form completed by both the applicant and the physician.

To meet the requirements, the doctor should indicate one of these medical conditions; the applicant:

  • is not able to walk 200 feet without rest or an aid device;
  • has an orthopedic, arthritic, or neurological condition that limits the ability to walk;
  • uses portable oxygen;
  • has lung or cardiovascular disease (class 3 or 4);
  • is blind;
  • has an acute sensitivity to light exposure.

Processing Fees

When you file the registration of your vehicle the payment in total will be $10. Apart from that, when ordering this, you should pay the cost of the personalization and its fees. Below, you can discover the applicable charges for customized standard plates:

  • Passenger- $89.25
  • Motorcycle- $71.25
  • Truck- $88.50

Additionally, you may customize special interest options as well. In case you want to do it, we present the charges for you to consider:

  • Passenger- $129.25
  • Motorcycle- $111.25
  • Truck- $128.50