Wisconsin Custom Plates



Wisconsin Custom Plates


Do you want to learn about license plates in Wisconsin? Then, you have found what you need. This article is the correct source especially if you want to learn about Wisconsin custom plates. In this article, you can read about how to get a custom plate. Besides, you will learn about all the requirements and limitations that the state has set for them. It also discloses important data on the expenses that you must deliver. Another essential point of the article is the numbering requirements. That is about what lettering they allow for you to choose. So, if you are interested, continue reading to make your wish come true.

Wisconsin Custom Plates

Different states have different priorities and according to these priorities, they set regulations. In the first section of this article, we disclose data on how to personalize plates in Wisconsin.

How to Receive Wisconsin Custom Plates?

First of all, you have to check and see whether your option is free. You do this by looking up the plate. For this purpose, visit the official web page of the state Department of Transportation, the section of personalized placard lookup.

By conducting a search you must be sure that there is no such one. If you see a message saying that the tag is not available, that means that it already exists or is misleading.

If it is available, you can continue the process. So, the time comes for you to complete the application form. Read the instructions on the form very carefully. Do not make a mistake as this document is the key paper.

After completing all the details, it is time for you to submit the latter. Do not forget to deliver all the payments. Along with this, you must provide all the documents and items that are necessary and written on the form.

Send the form with other documents to the address that is mentioned on the form.


The department does not guarantee that the options that you have provided will still be available when they process it.

How Long Do You Have To Wait?

As soon as they receive the application, your check is cashed. If there are information points that are missing, they contact you. In this case, the process takes longer than usual.


Try to use a title search application. This helps you see whether your submission has been reviewed or not.

The stickers are sent within 10 days. If the standard applications that have been submitted through eMV Public take 3 days, in the case of custom or specialty tags, it takes a bit longer.

You have to wait an extra 4 weeks. Use the online guide to see the status. The state does give you this opportunity. Go by the link of the Transportation Department given above to find it.

If your order does not come in time and your current plate is about to expire, contact the special unit for help. The unit concerned with this kind of problem may help you find a way out. In this case, you give a complete description of your car.


In this state, they allow a maximum of seven symbols. You may use any combination of letters and numerals from “A to Z” and from “0 to 9”. They change the letter O. Instead, they write the numeral 0.

Remember that these combinations have to follow certain rules. For this, go to the next section and read about the limitations.

Do not write symbols, punctuation marks, or include space.

Expenses For Wisconsin Custom Plates

If you want to get a personalized tag in WI, you are to pay $15 annually. Alongside this cost, you have to pay the regular registration costs. If there is a wheel tax, you must deliver payments for it as well. Furthermore, if you register it for two years, you are to pay $30.

If you do not renew your tag and do not pay the necessary fee, the item will be available for others.


There are a number of rules that are very important for you to know. They help you avoid refusals. The WI Department of Transportation regulates and oversees the procedure.

Firstly, it must not be a duplicate. If the option you have delivered exists, and they consider it a duplication, then you won’t get one.

If there are offensive and abusive elements or expressions, this becomes a subject of refusal. Any racially discriminatory attitude expressed through these figures is going to face a refusal.


You may transfer your tag from one car to another. Again, contact the Special Plate Unit. They respond in two business days. They provide you with detailed information that you need for taking any steps.